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Welcome to incubator
...where talent grows
...where talent grows

About us

Red Roots Incubator is a Community Interest Company that bridges the gap between education and employment in the creative industry by facilitating the growth of young talents aged 18+ through hands on experience in co-production of events and projects in the local community.

Join the live music experience gathering all talents, young and old, to celebrate local creativity in the spirit of unity.

Hello From Dalston

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We are looking for young talents.


Prior to the pandemic, the creative industries were one of the fastest growing parts of the UK economy, employing over 2 million people, and were projected to create an additional one million jobs by 2030.

Currently we are facing new challenges as the government recently introduced further 50% cuts to arts education that is described as ‘an attack on the future of UK arts.

Additionally, the way of learning, career paths and business models are changing. Therefore, young people should lead the process of creating a new mindset and taking adaptive action to build future proof skills, becoming agents of change.


By providing industry insight and advice we help untangle the complicated paths into a creative career. We advocate and celebrate talent, allowing the young generation to take ownership in shaping their future and the future of the world.

Our events and programs give the opportunity to receive bespoke support, including creative skills building, individual mentoring, and local/global networking.



  • Create a dynamic platform to learn, earn and celebrate together.
  • Provide the right conditions to further skills development.
  • Foster collaboration, peer support and innovation.
  • Promote opportunities for value co-creation and social change.


We are looking for collaborators, investors, and partners with an interest in supporting development of young creatives.

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